Our STAY LEAN Package is perfect for those looking to retain muscle and maintain a toned, lean physique. A balanced macro split will provide you with just the right amount of carbohydrates to fuel your workouts and protein to build and repair muscle. A variety of healthy fat sources will help maintain optimal hormone production, an important component of fat loss and staying lean. IDEAL PACKAGE FOR: Men & women looking to maintain lean muscle and lose body fat Maintaining a lean, toned physique Active individuals needing to fuel their workouts Sustaining a consistent diet that will boost energy levels alongside your training WHAT TO EXPECT: Well-balanced meals containing lean sources of protein packed with flavour and cooked to perfection Slow-release carbohydrates such as sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, Nutrient-dense, high fibre vegetables to aid satiety and provide essential vitamins and minerals. Essential healthy fats from avocado, nuts, seeds, and dairy-free dressings ALL FIT FOOD MEALS ARE: Nutritionally balanced with essential vitamins and minerals Made using wholefood ingredients Freshly prepared by an expert team of chefs the day before delivery

  • Main Goal : Maintain Lean Body
  • Schedule : 4 weeks for best result
  • Speciality Menu : Well Balanced Meals
  • Delivery : Delivery Fresh once a week
  • Calories: 430kcal p/meal
  • Protein: 45g p/meal
  • Carbs: 55g p/meal
  • Fat: 10g p/meal

Sample of Dishes in Meal Plan

  1. Indian style coconut chicken curry, basmati rice, oregano roasted peppers & courgettes; Contain: celery/mustard/wheat.
  2. Beef bolognese, wholemeal spaghetti, garden peas, broccoli; Contain: wheat, milk, soya.
  3. 95% beef burger, smoked paprika & parsley baby potatoes, portobello mushroom, peppercorn sauce, honey and raisins red cabbage; Contain: milk, soya.
  4. Spinach tortellini pasta, sweet paprika turkey, tomato & basil sauce, spring onion, sweetcorn & roasted peppers; Contain: wheat.
  5. Tikka masala turkey, wild brown rice, sweet and sour sauce, honey glaze carrots & sugar snaps; Contain: celery.
  6. 95% beef meatballs, roasted buckwheat, bbq sauce, green beans & broccoli; Contain: wheat, celery, soya.
  7. Beef chili con carne, chickpeas, kidney beans, red beans, dill couscous, roasted red pepper & broccoli; Contain: wheat.
  8. Durum fusilli pasta, lemon & thyme chicken, basil pesto sauce, garden peas, green beans; Contain: wheat, nuts.
  9. Tikka masala chicken, turmeric basmati rice, honey glazed carrots, sugar snaps; Contain: milk.
  10. Beef casserole, potato wedges, turnip & broccoli; Contain: milk, wheat, soya.
  11. BBQ pulled turkey, basmati rice, oregano roasted peppers & courgettes, garden peas; Contain: wheat, soya.
  12. Smoked paprika turkey meatballs, egg noodles, balti sauce, sugar snaps & broccoli; Contain: eggs, wheat, milk, mustard.
  13. BBQ pulled beef, pita bread, stir fry veg; Contain: wheat.
  14. Sweet paprika turkey, roasted sweet potato, bbq sauce, caramelized parsnips & green beans.; Contain: wheat, soya.
  15. Peppercorn fillet of pork, piri piri & parsley baby potato, roasted red pepper & broccoli; Contain: wheat, soya, milk.


Here you can find sample meals from our menu.